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Unraveling Biocentrism: Separating Science from Pseudoscience

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In this article, we will talk about Biocentrism pseudoscience. So what is it? It is basically an idea that insists or makes the belief that the initiation of the universe is possible by the term consciousness and is not initiated by the term which is named as cosmos basically forming up life and also the said consciousness included. The all-around big surrounding universe is initiated by the possibility of “life” over any other distracting aspects. 

Features :

 Biocentrism Debunked believers are all about giving life a standing ovation. The emphasis or the word Biocentrism pseudoscience came on the topic is that or was brought in by Dr. Robert Lanza in the particular or the specific working year of 2007. The individual was lenient of the fields and demolishes of medicine that could be used in regenerating purposes and also biology. 

  • It’s main focus is on the fact that both the term “consciousness” and “life” Are the only key elements in the initiation or the formation of the universe. 
  • She further stated that the everything-related theory or the theory that holds every possible symposium in it is possible through five basic ways and matter means namely – matter, time, and space. 
  • Throughout the lens concerned with the biocentric means all of these notices are viewed. 
  • She is on full pace that the said term has the ability to provide multiple sites such as the physics-related ideologies namely Heisenberg’s principle of uncertainty. 

Principles :

There are certain ethical principles related to the said concept :

  • All the living individuals including humans and various other animals anyone or any being considered are the sole proprietors of the planet earth. The planet is theirs. 
  • The said individuals regardless of be it anyone are a portion of the procedure of interdependence and are dependent on one another for their needs be it in terms of food, water, shelter, etc. 
  • All the concerned individuals in this whole universe does know their inabilities and abilities, can identify what is good and what is bad for them. 
  • Also, when the Darwin’s theory if the survival of the fittesst took place, it does not mean the individuals or we humans or on the superior or the topmost position of the food chain. We all are vo related with each other. No one can stay alive without the dependency on others. So, all are equal and no human being is superior over other living beings and lives. 

Advantages :

The advantages include :

  • It directs a way to environmentalists and other related people to identify between what is right and what is wrong regarding living beings irrespective of only humans. 
  • It supplies a proper base for the individual to answer fairly with respect to the global environment and issues. 

Conclusion :

Throughout this article, we discussed Biocentrism pseudoscience. So it basically provides you with the concept of the consciousness of the universe and also regarding every ethical human as well as nonhuman values.

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