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Resources in Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education

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While having an examination students always worry about their preparation and the date coming closer makes them have more fear. In such cases they can find some of the valuable educational resources that can help them to prepare for their exams. Well, now the query is where to find those resources. So, there are several platforms that can work for you in such situations and one of them is TSBIE where you can look for the best elements for your studies. 

Educational Resources

There are many resources are provided by TSBIE for the students to prepare well for their examination so we have written about some of the resources below:

  • Textbooks: If you are a student of Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education then they will provide you textbooks whether you are first or second year intermediate. These textbooks are the main resource and will consist of all topics which are prescribed by the board. 
  • Past Years Question Papers: You can also purchase or carry past year question papers from shops or your friends, because you can get an idea about the main question and exam pattern, questions of those papers will help you to cover important topics.
  • Online Study Material: You can go through educational websites and platforms such as Topper learning and others. There are free platforms which you can prefer for your study.
  • Mock Tests: You can also attempt online mock tests, so that you can analyze your preparation, you can get to know where do you stand and where do you lack.

Steps for downloading study material

Below are the some steps which you can follow to downloading the study material:

  • Search Official website: Firstly you have to Search the official website on your web browser to download the study material.
  • Open Website: On the search result page you have to click on its tsbie.cgg.gov.in
  • Click on News and Announcement: Now you will be able to locate some options, so you have to find the link of News and Announcement then you have to click on it.
  • Download the Study material: When you click on the link mentioned in above then you will be able to see another page that will be of study material from there you have to select your subject by clicking on the link. Then your download will be completed and you will be able to open the study material on your computer.


There is a lot of confusion in the minds of students preparing for exams during the exam. At that time they seek for the best resources to perform well, so here we have talked about several TSBIE resources and steps to download study material and you can check more about them through more research.

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