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Positioning Ghana Schools and Their Composition Management

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Category C schools in Ghana stand for those schools that provide technical, technological, and agricultural education. These vocational schools will be the critical part of our educational system that offers students practice and training, and this is the thing that enables them to get career experiences in different technical fields. This article informs the reader about the various Ghanaian schools placed in Category C and their locations in Ghana.

Various Locations of Ghanaian Schools:

category c schools in ghana are as follows:

1. Akrofuom Secondary and Technical.

Location: Akrofuom, Ashanti Region

Akrofuom Senior High School is situated in Ashanti,Ghana. Its technical and vocational qualifications are highly regarded in the country, enabling students to benefit from agriculture, carpentry, and metalwork studies.

2. Bolgatanga Technical Institute

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The Upper East of Ghana holds the Bolgatanga Technical Institute. The institution is one of the earliest technical institutes in the country and is a prominent institution for a variety of technical as well as vocational courses.

3. Kpando Senior High Technical High School

Location: Kpando, Volta Region

Kpando Senior High Technical School, which is situated in the Volta Region of Ghana, is a co-educational public senior high school offering both technical and academic programs. The school is always recommended to students interested in technical careers because it offers subjects such as electricity installation, welding, etc.

 4. Asuansi Technical Institute

Asuentech is a technical institute situated in the Central Region of Ghana, where people get skilled in various technical activities. It is a respected technical course that has courses in subjects like building construction, plumbing, and electronics.

5. Nsein SHS

The Nsein Sports Academy of Senior High Technical School is located in the Western Region of Ghana. We have a resounding reputation for our absolute strength in technical and vocational education, with courses in styling, cooking and mechanics, amongst others.

6. St. Joseph’s Technical Institutes

St. Joseph’s Technical Institute is a technical institution in the Brong-Ahafo Region of Ghana. It is well-known as an institute of technical education, being one of the highest-quality course providers in carpentry, welding, and masonry.

7. Kumasi Technical Institute

Today, Kumasi Technical Institute is situated in the region of Ashanti, Ghana. Among the largest technically oriented institutes in the country, the institute offers diversified technical and technical vocational courses to its students.

8. St. Paul’s Technical Institute

St. Paul’s Technical Institute is situated in the Eastern Region of Ghana. This school is the go-to place for those who pursue comprehensive technical education since its offerings include courses in many areas. The examples include electrical engineering, building construction and automotive technology.


Finally, in this article, it is noteworthy that schools in Category C in Ghana are viewed as institutions that offer technical and vocational education and prepare students for different careers in technical fields. These technical and vocational schools are spread around the country and offer courses suitable for any student.

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