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Ess.jio.com: A Comprehensive Guide to its Login Process, Benefits

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Employee Self-Service Portal is referred to as ESS. Reliance Jio is a well-known and substantial firm that provides services throughout the nation. Employees may go to ess.jio.com, the Jio ESS, to obtain online benefits.This post will define ESS, go over its advantages, and walk you through logging in.

What is Ess.jio.com?

The employee website for Reliance Jio is called Ess.jio.com. Employees of Reliance Jio can access all of the capabilities of the Employee self-service web platform by using this online portal. All workers of businesses can access this portal.

The website has made its services easily accessible to employees. The company and its employees both benefit from time savings provided by this web platform.

How does Ess.jio.com work?

The JioID account setup process requires users to select their phone number after downloading it. It is not necessary to have Jio service in order to create a JioID account. Any person with a mobile network can access it. An OTP will be used to verify the number after it has been registered on the Jio SecureID application.

Users would need to scan and submit both the front and back of their Aadhaar card, unlike other sign-in systems, which should assist generate a unique ID login. Following this, a message on the screen will be read out during a 20-second video clip. By doing this, it will be impossible for one person to have numerous Jio Secure ID accounts.

Ess.jio.com Login Process

In order to login into the jio portal follow the given below step :-

Note: To register into the Jio Portal you do not have to be a JIO user.

Ess.jio.com Login Process
  • You will get an OTP on your cell phone after registering your number with Jio SecureID.
  • To confirm your number, enter the OTP after that.
  • Unlike other sign-in security systems, you only need to scan the front and back of your Aadhar card in order to create unique ID login credentials.
  • In order to make sure a user doesn’t establish numerous accounts, you must construct a 20-second message-reading video after all of this.

Note that this personal information, acquired through the Jio SecureID, could be disclosed to other organizations or third parties in compliance with privacy regulations. SecureID will soon be accessible on JioMart, JioSaavn, and JioMeet as Jio works to enhance the digitization process nationwide.

How can you login into Ess.jio.com as a Partner

The Jio partners have the following options for logging into the self-service portal. The following are the procedures to log into the Jio Partner portal.

  • Go to ess.jio.com, the official website https://login.jioconnect.com/oaam_server/login.do.
  • The sign in link may be found on the homepage.
  • Click on the link will redirect you to a new page where you have to fill your personal details like:
  • Username 
  • Password
  • Click “LOGIN” After filling the details.
  • And If you’re having trouble remembering your password, select “GENERATE NEW PASSWORD.”
  • In this way, Jio partners may visit the ESS Jio partner site by using their login credentials.

Process to recover Ess.jio.com Login Password

The following method can be used by staff members to retrieve their login password if they forget it. Here are the procedures for recovering a password.

  • Go to ess.jio.com, the official Jio partner portal website https://login.jioconnect.com/oaam_server/login.do.
  • The sign in link may be found on the homepage.
  • You can locate the “Forgot Password” option.
  • A popup to enter your username will show up once you click on it.After that, press the submit button.
  • The registered phone number or email address you supplied will get the password.

This way, even if you misplaced the password, you can still get it back.

How to apply leave on the ess.jio.com Portal 

In order to apply leave on the portal, you need to follow just a simple steps :

  • Select the “Leave” icon located under the “Apply New” section on your ESS homepage.
  • It will show your remaining leave balance for all of the eligible leaves.
  • Select the desired “Leave type” by clicking on it.
  • Alternatively, you may click on the three lines, choose the Add button, and then select the Leave type.
  • Decide which dates the leave is to be taken—the “START DATE” and the “TO DATE.”
  • Describe the cause.
  • You may include any supporting documentation with your request for a leave of absence.
  • Choose “Apply for Leave.”

Note: The Reporting Manager will receive an email notification for approval as soon as the leave request is raised in ESS.

The Reporting Manager will send you an email to your registered email address upon approval or rejection. The notification regarding acceptance or rejection will appear under “Notifications” on the right-hand side.

Benefits of Ess.jio.com

Given below are the few benefits of using Ess.jio.com are:-

  • The Ess.jio.com login system is comparable to other Apple or Google ID login systems; nonetheless, having a unique sign-in system is highly advantageous for any business.
  • The secure ID sign-in system at ess.jio central.com facilitates the sign-in procedure for its workers.
  • This system is only currently accessible to Reliance Jio workers and is being launche in beta testing on a short-term trial basis.
  • This service is entirely dependent on unique high-security technologies.
  • This technology is safe to use because it doesn’t keep any form of password or PIN anywhere.
  • The two pin types used by the Ess.jio.com site are four-digit and six-digit pins, respectively.
  • The iOS and Android interface are being evaluate with this beta.

In Conclusion

Ess.jio.com, the Employee Self-Service Portal for Reliance Jio, streamlines employee benefits and services. With a user-friendly interface and secure login system, it enhances efficiency. The beta-tested system, based on high-security patented technology, prioritizes user privacy.

Jio partners can easily access the portal, and password recovery is straightforward. Employees will have a smooth experience with the streamlined leave application process. The platform’s dedication to digitization is demonstrate by its integration with JioMart, JioSaavn, and JioMeet.

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