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Cookape com Instagram will give you free followers. Follow this 2-minute-long procedure now! 

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We are living in a generation of cell phones and social media. And while social media was a medium of communication back then, it has now turned into a source of living for many. Moreover, there are plenty of ways one can earn; such as brand endorsements, small business, courses, etc.

One thing in common with each earning source is the need for followers. Well, it might have to do something with authentication, where having more followers indicates legitimacy. The need to have a high volume of followers is very evident.

One way to get instant followers is through the Cookape com Instagram hack. Want to know more? Simply browse ahead: 

About cookape com instagram

Cookape is an Instagram-oriented website, catering to the best hacks for a posh Instagram profile. It has multiple tactics for ranging areas, including the one that promises free followers. If you wish to, you can purchase likes and views from followers to make the engagement appear more authentic. However, you should understand that cookape.com/instagram followers is a third-party service and is not officially operated by Instagram. 

How to get cookape com instagram followers for free? 

  • On any browser, open the official website of Cookape
  • The homepage will have a search bar over the topmost area, over the right side. 
  • Type ‘free followers’ and click search. 
  • Enter instagram account details where you want to incite followers.
  • Enter the number of how many followers you’d like when asked and submit. 
  • Gradually, you’ll see many new accounts starting to follow you.  

Cookape com instagram pros

  • Instant followers that get visible a few minutes after the measures are done. 
  • With followers, comes a sense of legitimacy. 
  • The opportunity to earn will bloom
  • Safe and secure
  • Free of cost. 
  • Friendly interface and the overall procedure of getting followers is quite simple. 
  • Enhanced account visibility

Cookape com instagram cons

  • The volume of followers increases, yet no improvement in engagement. 
  • Instagram regularly monitors for bot users and will eventually eliminate fake accounts when found. Your account may also be temporarily disabled for engaging in such activities. 
  • Plus, instagram inhibits users from taking aid from such third-party tools. 
  • The engagement rate is mismatched and will never be genuine with fake instagram followers in your profile. 
  • Chances of inappropriate comments arise.

Cookape com instagram alternatives 

There exist multiple third-party services, operating similarly to Cookape. The best alternatives include: 

  • Player up
  • Crowd fire
  • Stormlikes.net
  • Popular up
  • Social wick
  • Metrical
  • Speedy gram
  • Likes.io, etc. 


Cookape com instagram is for anyone who wants to earn a chunk of followers, without having to work for it. Well, instant followers sound cool and work fine. But eventually, it will drain your account if you don’t continue getting them again or don’t work for organic growth. However, when both organic growth and instant followers combine, the ultimatum is the greatest.

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