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Antiwordle : Learn How to Play this Interesting Word Puzzle Game

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A variant of the well-known word game Wordle called Antiwordle requires players to arrange letters in the right places without guessing the incorrect ones.

In the game, letters that are not in the word become grey and cannot be used again, letters that are in the word but are misplaced turn yellow and must be used in further guesses, and perfectly placed letters turn red and are locked in place. Placing as many yellow letters accurately as you can before the word is finished is the objective.

It offers a fresh and difficult take on the conventional word game genre and is playable online.

We’ll discuss What Is Antiwordle in this article as well as strategies, tips, and methods for playing this game. Come on, let’s get started!

About Antiwordle

Antiwordle is a word guessing game that is the opposite of Wordle. Instead of attempting to identify a word in as few attempts as possible, the goal of the website is to guess as many other words as you can without identifying the word of the day. In the game, successful and wrong guesses are shown by colored letters.

The aim of the game is to attempt to predict each letter on the keyboard without completing the word properly. The game only allows for daily play, and it records how many tries and how long it takes to complete each task. Although the rules and dictionary word use make the game easy to learn, it can still be difficult at times.

Process to Access the Website 

In order to access the website, you need to follow the given below steps are:-

  • Step 1: First choose your most favorite browser from the device.
  • Step 2: Once the website has been selected, Visit the official website or Click on the link provided below :https://www.antiwordle.com/ 
  • Step 3: Once you have entered into the website, now you can ass the game .

Below you start the game first read the rule that how to play it.

How To Play Antiwordle?

Similar to Wordle, It is an easy game to play. You may type on your real keyboard or tap the virtual keyboard on the screen to construct a word.

Three cases will happen when you pick your word:

  • You have chosen the incorrect word with the incorrect letters if one of the letters in the word turns gray. Strangely, this indicates that you are succeeding in Anti Wordle. You cannot use the letter for the subsequent guess once it turns gray.
  • You are almost done finding the hidden word if the word you have arranged has a yellow letter. And now for the entertaining portion of Anti Wordle. In the following round, the word you arrange has to contain the yellow letter. Because of this, there’s a far greater likelihood that you will select the correct response.
  • You lose the game if you select a red word.
  • Since most players feel that correctly identifying their target word is the real obstacle, this game may seem easy. However, there is really a hidden word to be picked.

How to Play Antiwordle Infinitely

It’s annoying that Antiwordle, like Wordle, only allows one play every day. If you’re someone who needs a word game fix and you’re not pleased after one play, this might be annoying. Fortunately, there are workarounds for this.

  1. Change the Date on Your Device

Wordle and Antiwordle may be played for as long as you like by moving the clock forward by one day. Once you’ve deciphered each hidden phrase, move the clock forward one day to play additional daily riddles. The future is now upon us!

Depending on your device, there are many methods for adjusting the date and time. We’ll go over how to do this on a Windows 11 PC here, just to set the scene. You may also change the time on an iPhone or any other device you may be using.

Nevertheless, because it may conflict with other applications, it’s typically not a good idea to change your desired date and time at random. Once you’ve finished playing word games, which you could do every day, remember to change the date and time back to the current day. Exercise care when using this tactic.

  1. Play Antiwordle on Different Websites

Numerous websites host Anti Wordle, in addition to the official Anti Wordle website. These other websites simply host the same game, therefore they offer the same daily puzzle as Anti Wordle. This is only a means to re-run the daily word problem; there are no new riddles to be found here.

Try searching for “Play Antiwordle” on the internet, and a number of different websites will show up on the first page of results.

Some Tricks For Playing Antiwordle

There are no tried-and-true strategies or skills needed to maintain the top score in every ANTI WORDLE game. Nonetheless, the following guidance will assist you in keeping a decent score:

  • You should try to create words with the same letters in order to save many words from turning gray and meaningless.
  • Q and Z are common beginnings for rare words. Try to employ these letters to create words.
  • Once you have properly guessed the hidden word using Wordle, navigate in the other way.
  • The yellow letters should be placed exactly where you found them. If you shift the yellow letters around, they might form a red word.
  • You can Google a few unique and rare five-letter phrases that you may not be familiar with before starting the game.


Similar to Wordle, except A challenging and enjoyable take on that game called Antiwordle. To win in Anti Wordle, players must use critical thinking skills to rewrite the conventional word game rules. It is more attempt-rich than Wordle, which makes it perfect for gameplay. From how to play to helpful hints, this guide has all the information you need to master Anti Wordle. But keep in mind that there are more games you may play with your loved ones besides Anti Wordle.

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